Ryanair: Stockholm to Thessaloniki flight makes an emergency landing in Warsaw


There were tense moments on a Ryanair flight from Stockholm to Thessaloniki on Friday when a passenger forced a diversion to the Polish capital as they needed immediate medical attention.

According to Voria, the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing over Poland. The weather made the flight even more difficult and the low clouds did not allow the landing in Gdansk after two attempts. Finally, landing took place in Warsaw, where an ambulance took the passenger.

Three doctors who were also passengers on the flight had given him first aid.

Doctors and nurses in Warsaw later entered the aircraft and took the patient on a stretcher and an ambulance then took him to the hospital.

A short time later, the aircraft took off and continued its journey to Thessaloniki, where it arrived one hour after midnight.

The aircraft, which left Stockholm at 18.25, instead of arriving after about three hours in Thessaloniki, arrived after midnight.

As a passenger of the flight described to Voria, everything started about 1.5 hours after the flight departed Stockholm and while the journey was going smoothly.

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