The three Greek volunteers arrested in Turkey are returning to Greece

T-34 Turkey

The three Greek volunteers who went to Turkey to help earthquake victims in affected areas are expected to arrive in Greece. They are being transported by military plane to Istanbul and from there they will go to Athens, as informed by the T-34 labour group to which the three volunteers belong.

According to the organisation, the three Greeks were arrested by the Turkish anti-terrorist service and taken to an immigration centre in Adana, where they were forced to hand over their mobile phones. Through their group, they complain that apart from the illegal arrest, they did not have access to food.

They contacted a lawyer from Adana late Friday night.

greek volunteers in hatay

The group's social media post:

"At 7:00 this morning they put our comrades in a military plane and wanted to handcuff them, the comrades refused to do so. They put them on the plane sitting in the middle like prisoners. They take them to Istanbul.

"Their arrest was made by Turkey's Anti-Terrorism Service in a block that had been set up to arrest them for this purpose. They were taken under strong escort initially to a police station in the area where during their detention they were subjected to intense pressure from the cops.

"The pressures - without the use of physical violence - included, among others, the opening of their mobile phones and the signing of arrest reports. The comrades refused to cooperate, defending their political and social position alongside the suffering peoples of Turkey and Syria.

"They were later transferred to a prison/immigrant detention center in Adana, while they were informally informed by a prison supervisor that their transfer to Istanbul and from there to Greece is taking place today.

"An important fact is that throughout yesterday they had no access to food, to a lawyer and to telephone communication, which they managed late on Friday night from the detention center in Adana, in which miserable living conditions prevail."

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