Tsiknopempti: Flashback to when Crete entered the Guinness World Records for a massive souvlaki

Tsiknopempti rethymno guinness world record souvlaki

Tsiknopempti is now here and meat-eaters everywhere are sharpening their forks and preparing to fall headlong into ribs, steaks and souvlakia. As is logical every year on such a day, meat is consumed and enjoyed.

The word Tsiknopempti comes from the word "tsikna" (the smell of roasted meat) and from the word "Pempti", Greek for "Thursday". It is celebrated on Thursday, 11 days before Clean Monday and is a day of preparation for the Great Fast of Lent before Easter.

On such a day, therefore, we remember one of the greatest records achieved in Greece - one for the longest skewer in the world.

It was August 16, 2012, when in the village of Agia Galini in Rethymno, the residents managed to enter the Guinness book for the 184-metre-long souvlaki they prepared and cooked.

See the video:

In fact, this particular souvlaki broke the previous record of 170.60 metres which was set in Kalyvia village in Karditsa. As soon as it was prepared it "disappeared" almost immediately, as the people indulged in it.

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