Was Sin Boy spotted in Paris? - Watch the video

Sin Boy Paris

It all started with a photo circulating on social media which shows Sin Boy in an ambulance. Some wrote that this particular image was proof that the trapper died of a drug overdose in Kosovo.

However, his fans noticed that the ambulances in Kosovo are white and red and the photo is from Greece, probably from the filming of one of his new songs.

See the photo:

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A little over 24 hours later, a photo was uploaded to Sin Boy's profile, captioned with the following message: “Unfortunately the rumours are true but the media is sabotaging Sin Boy even in these moments. He is not gone because he will live forever through his music. 1994- Forever".

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The profile picture of the trapper, his sister and mother changed to a black background, but no one close to him confirmed that Sin Boy is no longer alive.

The trapper's fans are begging him to finally give an answer, putting an end to their agony, but a TikToker spotted him... alive and in Paris.

In the video uploaded to TikTok, the user of the application claims that the man, seen in a well-known place in Paris and wearing the green jacket and black glasses, is Sin Boy.

In fact, when the rapper's fans asked him when it was from, the TikToker replied that the video was taken a day after the rumours emerged.

Watch the video:

This is not the first time that the death of Sin Boy has been "staged", since a similar rumour was circulated in 2018. Those who know him well claim that he is alive and is most likely doing this as a publicity stunt.

Ever since the rumour started, fans of the trapper have been divided into two "camps". Some support him, considering that what he has caused is... intelligent, while there are many who consider that he has strayed from the specific topic and someone should give an official answer.

In any case, everyone believes that Sin Boy is alive.

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