Netflix dedicates a post to Miltos Tentoglou's triumph

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Netflix caused a sensation on social media after making a post to Miltos Tentoglou after his feat in Lievin.

As is well known, the decision of World Athletics to cancel the jump of Miltos Tedoglou at 8.40 because of his shoes made the top Greek athlete stubborn as he scored in four jumps three times the top performance in the world.

The posts with Miltos Tedoglou took the top spot in Greece and several comments were… epic. Of particular note was Netflix's post which stated: "Miltos Tentoglou jumps casually 8.41 metres, and I at 8:41 p.m. skip to the next episode".

World Athletics, formerly known as the International Amateur Athletic Federation, struck off his achievement of 8.40 metres by claiming that his shoes were irregular - only the colour of his spikes were incorrect.

Tentoglou and his coach Giorgos Pomaski vehemently denied any irregularity with the sportswear to no avail.

The decision of World Athletics was reportedly based on the rationale that the shoes worn by the “golden” Olympic champion of Tokyo are prohibited in long jump competitions. In particular, Tentoglou was wearing the “Black Panther” version of Adidas shoes specially designed for long jump, which were released in a limited edition.

According to World Athletics, this model is prohibited for use in long jump events. But no one had checked Tentoglou’s shoes before launching his efforts at the indoor sports meeting.

“I don’t care about an 8.40 jump. I can jump it whenever the fxxx I want,” the 24-year-old athlete wrote after his performance was canceled.

But the Greek champion took his revenge on World Athletics by jumping 8.41 at the next athletic event that took place in France earlier this week.

Tentoglou, born in 1998, won a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a jump of 8.41 meters.

In 2022, Tentoglou became the World indoor champion jumping the current Greek indoor record of 8.55 meters, which places him sixth on the world indoor all-time list, and took silver at the outdoor World Championships. He holds an outdoor personal best of 8.60 m (28 ft 2+1⁄2 in).

Tentoglou has won four consecutive European titles: at the 2018 European Championships in Berlin, where he became the youngest Greek man to win a continental gold, the 2019 European Indoor Championships in Glasgow, the 2021 European Indoor Championships in Toruń and at the 2022 European Championships in Munich, where he set a championship record in the process.

He is the 2022 Diamond League long jump champion.

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