MP Bogdanos sounds the alarm against Pakistani criminality and Chinese secret police in Athens

Konstantinos Bogdanos

The alarm bell for Pakistani criminality and the operation of the secret Chinese police station in the Greek capital was sounded by the president of the Patriotic Force for Change (PATRIDA) and independent MP of A' Athens, Konstantinos Bogdanos.

As Bogdanos stated, the Islamic Pakistani minority in the centre of Athens is now prominent, which is acting uncontrollably under the tolerance of the government apparatus.

He also highlighted that the dozens of parliamentary questions he has submitted about the delinquent behaviour of the said community have been blatantly ignored.

At the same time, Bogdanos also spoke about the existence of the secret police of the People's Republic of China in a shop in Athens, a case which he also raised on the floor in the Parliament, without once again receiving any explanation.

Watch the video from Bogdanos' speech:

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