Mushroom Museum: Truffle hunting in Meteora during Carnival

truffle hunting mushroom meteora

The end of February is the season for Truffle Hunting in Meteora. The three days of carnival, but also the high demand, brought the start of the hunting season a few days earlier than usual. Visitors to the area can take part in the first "truffle hunts" organised on February 26 and 27.

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Museum of Mushrooms, which organises this extraordinary experience in the forests of the area, promises unforgettable moments, both during the finding of this very expensive underground mushroom.

Hunters are accompanied by specially trained dogs and enjoy a meal of truffle pasta, which is cooked on site in the forest, with the truffles that the dogs had just freshly found.

The itinerary includes:

  • Truffle hunting in the forest with specially trained dogs. Tasting in the forest.
  • Truffle pasta cooking and lunch in the forest.
  • Visit and tour of the Museum

Everyone, regardless of age, can participate in the hunt, either with groups, with schools, or as individual visitors on specific dates. Also, the Museum provides the possibility of organising a privé event, but also one with extra benefits in the privé premium package.


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