Sin Boy: The reason for his fake death and the song "Mama" with 15 million views

Sin Boy

Sin Boy recently posed the question on whether you can "die" in a lie and have everyone believe it in the age of social media.

He ultimately failed after a full week of trying to convince people that he was dead. In fact, he should at least fake his death correctly and not with a supposed photo in an ambulance somewhere in Kosovo, which should be painted white and red, and not yellow and orange like in Greece.

Sin Boy ambulance

Even worse is that he put his mother in the game, who made her Instagram profile photo "black", and his sister, who wrote "Rest in peace". And all this for what? It was probably done to get the 15 minutes of publicity since even his associates now say that he is alive and well.

The rapper set up this whole scene in order to advertise his new work.

For faking his death, Proto Thema described him as "a coward, which no one seems to be interested in, since his musical achievements so far have proven that he is a one-hit rapper."

"This probably didn't sit well with Sin Boy, who had re-directed the same act with his fake death a long time ago, when no one bothered with him anymore."

"If the 25-year-old rapper Sin Boy - real name Theodore Agustin Gega - took a walk in Compton, where the NWA started their journey in rap, he probably wouldn't feel too comfortable.

"If he even claimed to be a rapper, most likely, in addition to the ironic comments, he would have received a few kicks from the African-Americans who reside in one of the most violent cities in America.

"In Greece, the Albanian rapper may have released one of the most popular - God forbid - songs of the last few years, but he can be proud that it is also the most... stupid.

"With jumbled and sloppy rhymes performed by him and his friends, distorted by autotune to the point that you can barely understand the lyrics, 'Mama' definitely has a place in the musical 'trash' of recent years."

"At the same time, however, the song has gathered within a month of its release over 15,000,000 views on YouTube, causing a frenzy among the kids, who sang it all day," the Proto Thema report added.

"So what was the artist telling us? Nothing in essence, apart from the well-known mottos that gave birth to the rap of the new era and in Greece - that is, the illegal money, women and fast cars.

"The awesome thing about the 28-year-old Sin Boy today, is that this song spread like... a virus within a days and within a week everyone knew or had heard about it.

"He himself, when asked for an interview, accepted, but said that he will simply be in his chair and will not speak to the reporter at all, refusing to answer questions.

"This is an example of his fake behaviour as an angry rapper. He is photographed on his personal Instagram page with guns, while also launching his new hairstyles.

"With hair dyed in various colours, the Albanian rapper poses with an uzi, women, his dog, in front of a helicopter and in sweatshirts that say Albania and a double-headed eagle.

"The problem in his case is that, despite the wild style he wants to 'sell', hardly anyone will take him seriously."

Sin Boy

Dyed orange hair!

"Hip hop and rap have made quite a few notable names in Greece, but this is music that was born in America under specific conditions and social situations," Proto Thema reported.

"NWA famously wrote 'Fuck the Police' when outside the recording studio, policemen threw them into the street, put guns to their heads and subjected them to a humiliating pat-down.

"The orange-haired Sin Boy, again, wants to think he's a rebel with a cause, banging on with his nursery rhymes, which sound fake and pretentious all the way.

"He has let the fake news that he was arrested for possession of 300 grams of raw cannabis by the police drag on for years, apparently because it sounds like a plus on his resume.

"He started to become known five years ago with the song 'Drako' and the big bang before his last breath was the song 'Gigi', a duet with his compatriot Rina."

Sin Boy Instagram

"Fortunately his whole demeanor is still that of a fake caricature, desperately trying to make noise, with fake songs that need fake news to engage with.

"As an acquaintance of his told an executive of a major record company, who called him to find out what was going on, 'one day he will die for real and no one will believe it'."

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