Registered unemployment in Greece declined in January

greek unemployment rate

The Public Employment Agency announced on Monday that registered unemployment in Greece totaled 1,091,088 persons in January, from 1,112,551 in January 2022 (down 1.93%) and 1,084,440 in December 2022 (up 0.61%).

More specifically, the number of registered unemployed seeking a job was 1,086,085 people in January, of which 535,933 (49.35%) were long-term unemployed. Men accounted for 36.37% of registered unemployed people and women for 63.63%.

The number of registered unemployed people not seeking a job was 5,003. A total of 193,632 people received unemployment benefits in January, of which 84,759 were men and 108,783 women.

Meanwhile, the Greek annual inflation rate slowed further to 7% in January from 7.2% in December, but remained up compared with 6.2% in January 2022. However, this slowdown mainly reflects a decline in electricity prices while inflation in foods was up 15.4%.

More specifically, Hellenic Statistical Authority said that price increases in the January 2023-January 2022 period were recorded in bread-cereals (18.6%), meat (19.3%), fish (2.5%), dairy-eggs (25%), oil-fat (23.1%), fruit (1.2%), vegetables (10.9%), sugar-chocolate-sweets (9.2%), coffee-cocoa-tea (10.9%), mineral water-beverage-juices (7.8%) and alcohol (7.6%).

Heating oil rose 7.1%, clothing-footwear rose 6.5%, house rents were up 4%, household items rose 15.7%, pharmaceuticals were up 6.1%, new cars rose 10.1%, used cars were up 8.4%, motorcycles rose 10.4%), air transport jumped 52.4%, sea transport rose 26.7%, cinemas-theaters rose 16.9%.

On the other hand, prices fell in electricity (-15.4%), audio-visual (-4.9%) and telephone services (-1.2%).

The statistics service attributed the rise in the consumer price index in January to index increase of 15.4% in food/beverage, 3% in alcohol/tobacco, 6.5% in clothing/footwear, 10.6% in durable goods, 2.9% in health, 8.1% in transport, 3.4% in entertainment, 2.2% in education, 7.8% in hospitality and 5.4% in other goods and services.

The housing index eased 0.1% and the communications index fell 1.3% in January.

The consumer price index eased 0.5% in January from December 2022, while the harmonised inflation rate rose 7.3% in January 2023 compared with January 2022, but fell 0.5% in January from December 2022.

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