Albanian man shot dead in Athens during fight

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An Albanian man was tragically killed in a cafeteria in Nea Ionia in Athens when a verbal altercation resulted in a member of a group of seven taking out a gun and shooting the victim late night Tuesday.

Police believe the victim was shot by accident

The fatal incident took place at 23:40 on Tuesday night in a café with hookahs on Kastamonis Street, in Nea Ionia, with the victim, an Albanian, getting seriously injured and eventually being declared dead in the hospital where he was transferred.

According to Proto Thema, the incident started when a group of seven Albanians arrived at the cafeteria and started arguing before even sitting down.

The group went out into the street outside the cafe with one of them pulling out a gun and shooting. As a result, the unfortunate Albanian, who as it became known was not related to the group of his compatriots who quarreled, was injured in the collarbone.

After the injury of the Albanian man, the group of 7 fled in an unknown direction.

The police officers who arrived on the scene found an American-style jeep which they searched thoroughly as they believe it probably belonged to one of the members of the Albanian group.

The unfortunate Albanian was taken injured to the CAT hospital where he died shortly before 3 am as he had lost a lot of blood.

The Homicide Department has taken over the case, with the police having collected seven shell casings and a deformed bullet from a 9-gauge pistol from the scene while they are looking for the person who shot through the store’s security cameras.

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