The Greek flag is among the world's top shipping flags

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The Greek flag is on the list of the world's top registries, for another year. In particular, according to the Flag State Performance Table of the International Chamber of Shipping for 2022/2023, the Greek flag flies among the 18 highest quality registries worldwide.

The study includes 118 flags, of which only 18 - including the Greek registry - have recorded excellent performance in all the areas under consideration.

Among the factors in which the Greek flag was distinguished are the performance in Port State Control inspections, the ratification and observance of international agreements, the average age of the fleet, etc.

The purpose of the Flag State Scoreboard is twofold:

– To encourage shipowners and operators to consider whether a flag State has sufficient standing before using it.

– To encourage shipowners and operators to put pressure on their flag State administrations to affect any necessary improvements, in particular with regard to the safety of life at sea, the protection of the marine environment and the provision of decent working and living conditions for sailors.

With the Greek-owned fleet exceeding 6,000 ships, 806 are registered in the Greek register in 2022, with a total capacity of 35.58 million gross tonnage and compared to 2021 there has been a drop of 2.6% based on tonnage.

The figures come from Lloyd's List's annual survey up to and including November 2022.

Last year there were 831 ships with a total capacity of 36.52 million gross tonnage. The remarkable thing is that of these 806 ships under the Greek flag, 119 belong to the Angelicoussis Group headed by Maria Angelicoussis, a percentage of 14.7%.

Globally, based on fleet capacity, Panama's registry is in first place with 8,341 ships, with a capacity of 245.8 million tons, an increase of 3.1% from last year.

2. Liberia with 5,413 vessels and a tonnage of 234.6 million tons with a growth rate of 13% compared to 2021

3. Marshall Islands with 4,299 ships with a capacity of 186.4 million tons

4. Hong Kong with 2,376 ships with a capacity of 127.5 million tons

5. Singapore with 3,595 ships with a capacity of 94.8 million tons

6. Malta with 1,992 ships and 82.2 million tons

7. China with 4,941 ships but with a capacity of 70.3 million tons

8. The Bahamas with 1,316 ships with a capacity of 63.4 million tons

9. Greece with 806 ships, with a total capacity of 35.58 million

10. Japan with 1,642 ships, but with a capacity of 29.7 million tons.

As the Minister of Shipping Giannis Plakiotakis has pointed out, "we have launched a series of additional initiatives and actions in education, in digital transformation, in maritime work, as well as in the introduction of new technologies in the service of Greek shipping and the Greek navy."

"Our choice is the constant improvement of the competitiveness of Greek shipping, so that the step taken in 2021 will have an even better continuation, in order to reverse the trend of reduction of the Greek register, which -unfortunately- has been going on for 30 whole years," he added.

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