Minister Georgiadis: US investments in Greece exceeded all expectations and all records

Adonis Georgiadis

Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said in a post on social media on Wednesday that "US investments in Greece during this period exceeded all expectations and all records."

In addition, commenting on the figures of the Bank of Greece (BoG), the minister stated: "Foreign Direct Investments in 2022 exceeded 6 billion euros for the first time in our history."

"All time record! I feel proud of this achievement which really changes the lives of my fellow citizens and offers a better future. I promise a new record in 2023."

Elsewhere, an increasing number of citizens are seeking protection for the primary residence using a framework of existing programmes such as a new out-of-court mechanism, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said in report tabled to Parliament in response to a question by 45 deputies of SYRIZA main opposition party.

In the report, the FinMin said that 993 applications have been approved by bankruptcy courts, with an accumulated debt of 689,180,544 euros. These applications have been made by home owners seeking protection through a sale and lease back scheme.

A total of 67,000 home owners have visited the out-of-court e-platform, with 47,500 submitting the necessary paperwork covering debt of 26.6 billion euros.

Already, 12,900 debtors with a total debt of 6.2 billion have submitted their application for debt settlement, with the number of debt settlements more than double in the last three months.

Staikouras said that the approval rate was below 24% in July 2022, rising to 63% in the fourth quarter of 2022 and to 70% in January 2023. and noted that "the out-of-court mechanism has the dynamism to evolve into a tool, capable of significantly contributing in dealing with the problem of private debt".

The report said that a total of 10,274 applications have been made by vulnerable debtors to be included in a mortgage loan tranche subsidy programme.

"All these favourable debt settlement schemes support efficiently households and enterprises to protect their property, both the primary residence and professional residence or farm land," the Greek minister said.

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