Flashback to when Vasilis Bisbikis described his crazy love with Constantina Bekiari - Watch the video

Vasilis Bisbikis Constantina Bekiari

The spontaneous movement of Vasilis Bisbikis to get on the stage that his partner, Despina Vandi, was singing, to dance and kiss her, brought him to be the number one topic discussed in Greek entertainment.

Apart from television, the couple's kisses trended on social media as well. And when someone gets on the 'list', social media users 'unearth' a lot from the past.

The same happened in the case of the actor with an interview he gave 12 years ago to "Morning Ant1" with Christos Ferentinos and Sissy Christidou.

In this interview, Bisbikis spoke about his love at first sight with Constantina Bekiari, his ex-wife, with whom he was with for 16 years.

With particular poignancy, the actor describes the lightning-fast love he has for his wife, which even brought him to the brink of madness.

Watch the video:

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"I fell madly in love with my wife. The chemistry was so good I couldn't handle it, I thought I was going crazy. 6 years later I have the same passion," Bisbikis said all those years ago.

"Take care Despina, he gets struck by lightning often," is just one of the comments on social media.

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Bekiari's enigmatic post after the actor's kiss with Vandi

Apparently, the ex-wife of Vasilis Bisbikis does not approve of the couple's behaviour either, which has been receiving a lot of criticism lately, and her new post on Instagram testifies to that.

In particular, she published a photo with a shadow and in the caption wrote : "Sins of parents, they discipline children", without however referring to the popular couple.

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However, she probably wants to let them understand that their actions have consequences for their children as well. It is recalled that Constantina Bekiari and Vasilis Bisbikis have a son together, Michalis.

Melina Nikolaidi reacted to the criticism that her mother Despina Vandi received for her public expressions of love to her partner Vasilis Bisbikis while singing on stage on Saturday night.

In particular, the actor got on the dance floor, danced zeibekiko and kissed the singer, while she, in turn, sat at his feet and dedicated a song to him.

Their expressions of love on stage was commented on in various ways, with most publications talking about "excessive displays of affection".

After the comments written, Vandi's daughter wanted to give her own answer, thus supporting her mother, but also Bisbikis.

Melina Nikolaidi initially published, in a story on her personal Instagram account, a snapshot of Vandi sitting at the actor's feet on stage and then a verse from one of her songs.

"Life wants love, it wants love! And let others be jealous," wrote the 19-year-old in response to what is being said about her mother and her partner.

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