New Aegean 'Digital ID' allows faster boarding on domestic flights


Aegean Airlines simplified the boarding process on domestic Greek flights through the personal identifications uploaded from the Wallet application to its 'Digital ID' application as of Thursday.

Passengers whose Greek police ID is loaded onto the government's Wallet platform will be able to incorporate their ID onto their digital boarding pass after they check-in at the airport. To do so, domestic passengers must use Aegean's 'Digital ID' app, which will incorporate their ID into a single documenet, facilitating and speeding up boarding. The app may also be used for Olympic Air flights. Passengers can use it on a voluntary basis.

Aegean said it developed the service with the help of the Digital Governance Ministry, and its Digital ID app fulfils all security and cryptography protocols for internet transactions. 

Directions were provided as follows:

- To begin with, a passenger needs to have uploaded their ID on the Wallet app on their cellphone. They also need to upload the Aegean Digital ID app.

- Once they complete the check-in at Aegean using their digital boarding pass, a choice will pop up on the cellphone screen asking the passenger whether they want to incorporate their digital ID into their boarding pass.

- When the passenger chooses the incorporation, they are asked to add the number of their police ID on the Aegean app.

- If the number is correct, a Wallet notice arrives to confirm data (just as it happens when someone scans the QR of their ID).

- Once the passenger approves the transaction, a six-digit code shows up which the passenger must enter into the Aegean app to confirm and complete the digital transaction.

- Once the transaction is complete and the digital ID data coincides with that of the boarding pass for the passenger, the digital boarding pass on the Aegean app shows the indication "Verified Digital ID", with the passenger's photograph from their police ID, and a QR code.

When staff at the boarding gates scans the QR code showing on the boarding pass, the see the verification of the digital ID.

"Today is a special day, not just because we are inaugurating a new digital service," e-Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis said at the presentation at the Athens International Airport 'Eleftherios Venizelos', "but because the Greek state has provided the inspiration to create this service, and this makes us proud. Greece has outstanding human resources, both in the public and the private sector, of high-caliber training, and very creative resources."

He added that a few days ago it was three years since the platform was introduced, boosting the number of digital transactions, and he congratulated Aegean for its initiative and its collaboration. "Greece is on the move, it is changing, and it presents a new model," Pierrakakis said.

Aegean CEO Dimitris Gerogiannis said the digital ID's incorporation in the boarding pass with a quick and secure way "is another step in a series of new services we have developed in the last two years that use technology to facilitate, simplify, and upgrade travel experience." The process, he said, will be useful to both passengers and ground staff. He also thanked the ministry for its collaboration and the opportunity to use the apps it has developed in recent years.

Aegean said it expects to expand the service to flights within the European Union. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Huawei phones, and passengers must have downloaded the last version (v6.5.5) in order to use the service.

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