New photos of the Greek frigate [email protected] under construction in Lorient

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The construction of the first Greek [email protected] class frigate "Kimon" is progressing rapidly at the Naval Group shipyards in Lorient, France.

The French company has, in fact, published new photos of the frigate under construction, which according to the schedule is expected to be delivered to the Greek Navy in 2025, along with the second one to be named "Newarchos".

The third frigate FDI HN 1 (named "Formion") provided for in the relevant agreement, will be delivered in 2026.

It is noted that Greece maintains the option to acquire a fourth frigate. In the event that the order for the fourth [email protected] also goes ahead, it will sail to Salamis Naval Station in 2027.

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Who are - and what do FDI HN bring?

The cost of acquiring the three French frigates FDI HN or [email protected] was determined at 3.048 billion euros. In the event that the Ministry of National Defence and the Navy exercise their option and order a 4th frigate from the French Naval Group, the total cost of the program will reach 4.070 billion euros.

The offered price includes the frigates fully equipped with their weapons and electronic systems, with provision for the support of the ships with spare parts, services and available materials for a period of 36 months from the delivery of each frigate.

For the subsequent support of the frigates, the follow on support in naval language, the disbursement of 138 million euros is budgeted for the three warships. The construction of the three frigates and the completion of the warships with all their equipment is estimated at 2.261 billion euros.

For the advanced weapons of the FDI (or [email protected]) frigates, i.e. for the acquisition of a combat load of Aster 30B1 and Exocet MM40 B3c guided missiles, an expenditure of 649,950,000 euros is foreseen.

The Navy acquires the version of anti-aircraft missiles with 32 "cells", that is, the Greek [email protected] will be able to have 32 Aster 30 anti-aircraft missiles simultaneously loaded, the range of which is estimated at 120 kilometres.

In order to understand the leap in the capabilities of the Navy, it should be noted that the frigates that the Greek fleet has today have 8 "cells" with ESSM anti-aircraft missiles with a range of 15 kilometres.

Anti-ship armament includes the most advanced "digital" Exocet MM40 Block 3c, with long-range strike capability, while also having the ability to hit coastal targets.

In the fund of 3.048 billion euros for the three frigates (and in the corresponding price of 4.070 billion euros if it is decided to buy a fourth FDI HN), additional logistics and training capabilities are included without any difference in the final price.

The deliveries of the weapon systems and guided missiles have been synchronized with the receipts of the frigates, and at the same time their logistical support has been agreed for a period of 5 years.

It is a colossal armament program, worth at least 3 billion euros, with many details that need to be scrutinised.

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