TURKEY: The grandchildren of the murderer of Solomos Solomou died in the earthquake


Among the victims of the Famagusta volleyball team, which met a tragic death in the ruins of the Grand Isias Hotel following the devastating earthquake in Turkey, were also the grandchildren of Kenan Akin, one of the killers of Solomos Solomou.

The team was in the Adıyaman region for a tournament on the day of the deadly earthquakes .

According to Sigma Live, it is the brothers Doruk and Alp Akin, who were pulled dead from the wreckage of the hotel.

The photo of their father, Osman Akin, went viral on the internet as he stared at their uniform for a while and smelled his sons perfume.

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It is recalled that Kenan Akin was one of the killers of Solomos Solomou in 1996 at the Deryneia roadblock dividing the Republic of Cyprus from the Turkish-occupied zones in the north.

An international arrest warrant has been issued against Kenan Akin, who when he shot the 26-year-old Solomos was a minister of the Turkish-occupation regime in northern Cyprus.

He was also an agent of the Turkish secret forces and is wanted by INTERPOL, which has issued a 460,000-euro warrant for him.

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An international arrest warrant for Solomou's murder has also been issued for ten more people. In 2009, speaking on Proto Thema, Akin not only admitted that he shot and killed the hero Solomou in Deryneia, but also defiantly stated that: "I would shoot him again if I could go back in time," causing a backlash.

They shot him in the neck

It was August 1996... Solomos Solomou, on the day of the funeral of his cousin Tasos Isaac who had been murdered three days before in the dead zone of Deryneia by the Turks, went with a group of demonstrators to lay a wreath and flowers at the site of the murder.

At that moment, members of the "Grey Wolves" appeared and started a stone war, turning the area into a battlefield.

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Suddenly, Solomos Solomou jumped out of the group of Greek Cypriots and, after evading the Blue Helmets of the United Nations, crossed into the occupied zone and tried to climb a mast to lower a Turkish flag.

Kenan Akin and snipers mark him and shoot him. He is struck in the neck and the lad collapses dead.

Northern Cyprus has been occupied by Turkey since 1974 when it launched an invasion of the island.

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