Ukrainian Ambassador Shutenko: We want peace, but we have no choice but to fight

Ukrainian Ambassador to Greece Sergii Shutenko nikos dendias

Ukrainian Ambassador to Greece Sergii Shutenko said that Ukraine wants peace but has no other choice but to fight and win."

"Today is the tragic one-year anniversary of the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine, which is also emerging as a very important symbol of bravery, resistance and unity," Shutenko said in a statement to AMNA after the end of the symbolic ceremony held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Greece Sergii ShutenkoThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs neoclassical building was illuminated with the colours of the Ukrainian flag, as a sign of our Greece's support for Ukraine, on the occasion of the completion of one year since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

"We have no other choice. Ukraine needs peace. Ukraine wants peace, but we have no other choice but to fight and win because the genocide that Russia is committing in Ukraine is painful," declared the ambassador of Ukraine in Greece.

He also thanked the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias for organising the ceremony and the lighting of the façade of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but also for underlining the importance of Greece's help and assistance.

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The ambassador also expressed thanks for the resolution of the UN General Assembly "to maintain peace, just and long-term peace in Ukraine", as he pointed out.

Finally, Sergii Shutenko stressed the importance of maintaining and continuing the front of unity and securing support "from our friends, who are helping us to victory."

Ukrainian Ambassador to Greece Sergii Shutenko

For his part, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias conveyed a message of support to the Ukrainian people, and called for an end to war, which he called "a threat to global peace and stability."

February 24 is a sad day for Europe and humanity, Dendias said: "Exactly a year ago, the world witnessed something we believe will never happen again in the European continent - Russia initiated a full-scale, unjustified invasion against Ukraine."

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"We continue to support the immediate and unconditional end of warfare and aggressive actions against Ukraine and its people, including the Greek minority in the country," Dendias added, calling for a resolution that is based on International Law and the United Nations Charter.

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