Dendias: The war in Ukraine should stop immediately and without preconditions

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called for the war in Ukraine to stop immediately and without any conditions when addressing a teleconference of the OSCE Enhanced Permanent Council on the occasion of the one -year anniversary from the start of the Russian attack against Ukraine.

"What we ask is for this war to end immediately, completely and with no conditions because this is the only way for real dialogue to begin. A dialogue based on the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and of the Final Act of Helsinki," Dendias explained.

He made clear that the international law is "the cornerstone of the international order and before any provocation, its respect and implementation is the only way"

Referring to Greece's stance, Dendias underlined that Greece condemned the war in Ukraine from the first moment and clarified that "the Greeks do not have feelings of hostility for the Russian people."

"The thing we are against is revisionism and the created tragedy. Greece and its allies will continue to support Ukraine for as long as this irrational war continues," he added.

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