Greek PM Mitsotakis on investments and increase of minimum wage

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis India

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Sunday referred to the imminent increase, the third one, of the minimum wage, which will become official in the coming week as well as to the investments that Greece is attracting, in a post on Facebook.

"I know that most of the political news focus on discussions around the elections campaign but today's text is not for that. I have promised that we continue and take advantage of every moment to proceed to actions that will make a difference in the citizens' lives, and for this I will continue to speak to you until the last day of the government's term", Mitsotakis explained.

"Greece has already made significant progress in many fields, which is recognised. I will give an example. Amazon announced that is willing to use the Greek insularity as an example of digital applications and for other remote areas in the world, with the leader the island of Naxos. Another vote of confidence in Greece came from Philip Morris International which announced a new major 200-mln euros investment that will create 300 new job positions.

The Plan for Thessaly 2030 can also attract investments and strengthen the competitiveness and extroversion of Greek enterprises, creating new and promising job positions. We presented this plan on Friday in Larissa as we did in the previous period with the relevant Development Plans in Thessaloniki, Patras, Tripolis, Komotini, Heraklion and Kozani, the Prime Minister said.

Finally, he referred to the Market Pass, stating that 2-mln applications for the subsidy have been submitted so far, adding that it is funded by the taxation of the companies' excessive profits. "I remind you that we can't cover the total purchase cost, but it can help in the coverage of the imported hike in prices. The inflation crisis is an exceptional situation, and we respond with emergency support measures. However, the minimum wage increase, we expect the third increase soon, and the reduction of 7-bln euros in the taxes are permanent". 

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