Train collision in Tempi: "I'm not a hero, I did my duty," says the teenager who helped save 16 passengers

Angelos Tsiamouras Andreas Alikaniotis train collision

Two young men, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old, are responsible for saving the lives of at least 26 passengers who were trapped in the horrific train collision near Larissa.

"I was thinking of nothing else but that I should help my fellow people."

With these words, 18-year-old Angelos Tsiamouras described to the Peloponnisos newspaper what was going through his mind while trying to help rescuers locate passengers on the fatal passenger train that collided with a freight one on Tuesday night.

Over the weekend, the 18-year-old was in Patras with his friends and enjoyed Carnival. Fate, however, brought him face to face with death.

"I didn't think of anything else, except that I had to help my fellow human beings. Together with my friend Giorgos we ran to carriages 3 and 4 to save as many people as possible and together with the rescuers we managed to get 16 people out.

"All I could think about was that I had to save one more person. Nothing else! Adrenaline had hit red. In Carriage No. 3 we saw many dead.

"You couldn't do, unfortunately, many things. The fire had spread. Carriage No. 1 broke up immediately, Carriage No. 2 was destroyed by fire.

"I'm not a hero, don't call me that. I was simply doing my duty, to my fellow men. I express my deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. I hope the State will now assume its responsibilities, so that similar tragedies do not repeat themselves in the future."

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"It was like a fiery hell," Tsiamouras told MEGA when describing the nightmare he experienced in Tempi and also the titanic fight he gave, defying the mortal dangers.

The 18-year-old described the tragic moments of the collision and how he managed to save 16 other passengers.

"I was in carriage 6, there the impact was very small and no one was hurt. When we all got out of carriage 6, I moved to carriage 5 and carriage 4 to help get as many people out as possible. Then, together with another person, we went to the most difficult carriage, carriage 3.

"We were able to and saved from carriage 3 at least 5 people who were in a very serious condition with the help of EMAK. What I want to say is that the EMAK team was a little uncoordinated.

"I had to show them where we should go. They wanted to see the situation first and then act. There was no water and no oxygen to give to the people who were in carriage 3.

"It was like a fiery hell... With my adrenaline I succeeded... We had to get the people out of Carriage 3 as quickly as possible but without scissors and mechanisms that the EMAK crew had.

"We were playing with time. Finally we made it... I don't know if anyone got a call. EMAK arrived very quickly..."

The touching story of Andreas Alikaniotis

Andreas Alikaniotis Tempi train collision

While the tragic death toll grows and the anxiety for those trapped under the train intensifies, a post on Facebook by a doctor at the Larissa University Hospital, Eris Tziastoudis, gives another picture of the tragedy in Tempi.

According to the administrative adviser of the Medical Association of Larissa, a 20-year-old student stood out with his heroic action when he managed to break the glass by himself and save at least ten boys and girls.

The student, Andreas Alikaniotis, who came out almost unharmed from the 2nd carriage but defied the huge fire burning next to him, wanted to save people... and he succeeded.

The entire post of Eris Tziastoudis:


"Although the sky was filled with angels today, we are lucky to have an earthly angel among us, the 20-year-old student Andreas Alikaniotis, who came out almost unscathed from the 2nd carriage.

"He is a hero because at the risk of his life, with the huge fire next to him, he did not abandon the carriage but succeeded and broke the glass by himself and saved at least ten more children, boys and girls.

"In today's dark day, Andreas showed us that the new generation of Greeks has kindness, principles and morals!

"Congratulations my beautiful Andrea, congratulations to the parents who raised you!!!"

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