Famous Greek musicians express their support to the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey - What Remos, Vissi and Garbi said

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Greek musicians have expressed their support to all the victims, including the more than 50,000 lives that were cut short, of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in the early hours of Monday, February 6, 2023.

Experts say that people should be prepared for more earthquakes and aftershocks, as well as worsening weather for weeks or even months. On March 1, a new powerful 4.8 Richter earthquake hit the border of Turkey and Syria.

Memories are still fresh, with Turks continuing to thank Greece for the help it sent and continues to send after the deadly earthquakes.

In Greece, where three days of national mourning was declared on Wedneday after the train collision in Tempi that left dozens dead and injured.

Famous Greek artists joined forces and showed their support and love to the people in Turkey and Syria. Among them were Antonis Remos, Anna Vissi, Kaiti Garbi and Elli Kokkinou.

The financial support campaign was through the selfless and hard work of PR manager George Davlas.

As he stated to Proto Thema: "What we are trying to do is a drop in the ocean, in the face of the tragedy that our neighbour is experiencing. All the artists accepted the invitation without a second thought and I feel deeply moved by their response."

"The list is long, pleasant surprises are in store and I will make an effort to have more and more famous people who can and want to help respond every day."

Antonis Remos said: "We will do everything possible to alleviate the pain of these people, because now they are experiencing difficulties. Greek artists will soon organise very beautiful things. We will be by their side."

Anna Vissi accepted the call, saying succinctly: "I am with them, we are with them."

Kaiti Garbi said: "The tragedy next door could have happened to us. Above all, we are human beings and we support our fellow human beings in every way."

The singer Elli Kokkinu said: "It is our duty to be next to every person who experiences such a tragedy. I will be happy to participate in the great effort that you George and all the others are making. We stand by you, we stand by the Syrians and the Turks."

The singer Kostas Martakis, a man generous and sensitive as an artist, is also present in the action.

"Above all we are human and we must support each other, regardless of religion. I wholeheartedly support the sensitive initiative to support the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria".

Despina Miraraki, the successful and self-made entrepreneur, did not think twice about saying "yes" to the call.

"Humanity has no walls, no boundaries, no nationalities. We must all stand up for our fellow human beings," she said.

The SKAI presenter, Fay Skorda, also agreed to participate in the call for financial assistance.

The money will cover needs for tents, thermal blankets, mattresses, winter gear, cooking utensils and other supplies because Turkey and Syria still need our support.

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