Train collision in Larissa - CNN TÜRK video: "We stand with the brotherly people of Greece"

train collision February 28, 2023.

Responding to the train collision in Greece, CNN TÜRK showed their sympathy for the Greek people by saying: "We share your pain", and uploading a video with the song "Moiroloi" by Maria Farantouri, a funeral song, to music by Turkish music composer Zülfü Livaneli and lyrics by Lefteris Papadopoulos.

"Neighbouring Greece is recovering from the biggest railway accident in its history. We wish condolences to the 46 people who lost their lives and strength to their loved ones," CNN TÜRK wrote.

"On this sad day, we stand with the brotherly people of Greece. We share your pain," added the Turkish media outlet.

The lyrics of the song:

In the cemetery, oh, bitter rain,
don't let this candle go out.
And not a single flower should wither,
they did not kill him, he has slept.
And you, agera, stop crying,
it's not gone, you're lying to me.
Don't look at the bloody chest,
they didn't kill him, he's asleep.
Warm as bread, pure as water,
a lad of twenty.
They didn't even let him apologize,
they didn't kill him, he has fallen asleep.
Black cemetery, how can you give birth
to a plain of hope and anticipation?
My archangel is gone now,
he was killed for me, he will not come back.

Lyrics for the song Moiroloi Farandouri Maria from the year 1982 in lyrics by Papadopoulos Lefteris and composed by Zülfü Livaneli from the album "Maria Farantouri sings Livaneli."

Meanwhile, anger in Greece over poor railway safety grew on Thursday as the death toll from one of the country’s worst train crashes in recent years reached 57.

Demonstrators poured onto the streets after the head-on collision between a passenger train carrying more than 350 people and a freight train on Tuesday evening in Tempi, near the city of Larissa.

Protesters clashed with police in the capital Athens, the country’s transport minister resigned in the wake of the tragedy and a rail workers’ union is going on strike, accusing the government of “disrespect” in the sector.

Another 48 people remain in hospital as a result of the crash, which left toppled carriages and scorched debris in its wake. Six of the injured being treated are in critical condition due to head wounds and serious burns, public broadcaster ERT reported Thursday.

After a train station manager in Larissa was arrested in connection to the collision, Greek authorities on Thursday also released striking dispatch audio recordings that show one of the train drivers receiving instructions to ignore a red light.

“Proceed through red traffic light exit until traffic light entry of Neon Poron,” the station master is heard saying.

“Vasilis, am I good to go?” the train driver responds, to which the train master says “Go, go.”

In a second conversation, the station master can be heard ordering an employee to keep one of the trains on the same track.

“Shall I turn it now?” the employee asks.

“No, no, because 1564 is on this route,” the station master says.

The station master has been charged with mass deaths through negligence and causing grievous bodily harm through negligence. Upon arrest he blamed the collision on a technical fault, though later admitted to “making a mistake.”

Screen Shot 2023 03 03 at 10.13.09 am

Protesters gathered outside the central Athens headquarters of Greek rail company Hellenic Train again on Thursday evening in a demonstration organized by student and worker unions.

Police already had a presence outside the Hellenic Train headquarters before the demonstrators arrived. The protest was peaceful, following unrest on Wednesday in which demonstrators clashed with police.

Most of the passengers involved in the accident were young, a local hospital told ERT. The accident came soon after a holiday weekend.

Search and rescue operations will continue on Thursday and Friday at the site of the crash, according to the Fire Service.

Meanwhile, relatives of those missing are still awaiting news regarding their loved ones as the identification process continues at Larissa General Hospital.

Screen Shot 2023 03 03 at 10.12.27 am

Speaking earlier to Greek media, Dimitris Bournazis, who is trying to get news about his father and brother, said no one has given him any information. Bournazis said he was trying to contact the company to find out where on the train his relatives were sitting at the time of the crash.

He said he called the offices of Hellenic Train three times but no one has called him back.

“The prime minister and the health minister came here yesterday. Why? To do what? To explain what? Where are they today?” Bournazis told Greek broadcaster SKAI, adding that “no one has given us any information, no one knows how many people really were inside.”

“We cannot only blame one person for this because of a mistake. Where is everyone else now? They all await the election to speak,” he said.

Speaking to ERT, passenger Andreas Alikaniotis, who was in the second carriage during the collision, described the moments following the crash.

“What we did was to break the glass, which was already cracked, and to throw the luggage outside the carriage, so we can land somewhere soft,” he told ERT, describing how he helped around 10 people escape.

“We jumped 3 to 4 meters,” he added, “first the more seriously injured and then us with lighter injuries."

Screen Shot 2023 03 03 at 10.13.09 am

Alikaniotis added that he remembers pulling up two or three girls and helping them get to the window to jump. “There was panic,” he added.

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