Where can you charge your car for free in Athens?

free car charging stations in athens charge

One year after the installation and operation of 25 electric vehicle chargers in 19 places in Athens, it was announced that the initiative for free charging will extend for an additional year.

The aim of the decision is to strengthen electric mobility in the capital and to achieve the goal of green energy and gradually zero emission of pollutants.

The "green" initiative is implemented in collaboration with Protergia, part of MYTILINEOS.

The company - through the "Adopt Your City" program of the Municipality of Athens - donated the necessary equipment, as well as the management system for the remote monitoring of the good operation and use of the charging stations.

For a year now, drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles have been charging their vehicles for free at the points where the special chargers have been placed, with the results recorded being particularly encouraging.

The "green" footprint in numbers

According to data from Protergia, in the last year, a total of 17,173 charges have been recorded at the 19 stations of the municipality of Athens, which correspond to covering a distance with "green" energy equal to 1.52 million km or - in other words - traversing the perimeter of the earth, 38 times.

At the same time, through the initiative, the emission of 182.35 tons of carbon dioxide (Co2) from the atmosphere has been prevented, an amount equivalent to the amount of Co2 that a total of 7,294 trees can absorb.

The municipality of Athens, after all, has set itself the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40% by 2040, adopting a sustainable transportation plan.

In his statement, the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, emphasised: "Athens is gradually winning the bet of sustainable mobility. With initiatives like this, we strengthen electric mobility and commit to an increasingly green and resilient city."

"We thank Protergia for their contribution to our effort to improve the quality of life in the city," he added.

The points where interested parties can charge their electric/hybrid car in Athens:

  • Koufa 13 – Kolonaki
  • Liosion 22 – Vathi Square
  • Loukianou 7 – Kolonaki
  • Maiandrou Park (Michalakopoulou) – Ilisia
  • Archimedos 23B – Pagrati
  • Herodos Atticus, against no. 25 – near Kallimarmaro
  • 25 Eleftherias Square (Koumoundourou Square)
  • 66 Herakleidon – Thisio
  • Eumolpidon 34 – Gazi
  • Belvendou 47 – Ano Kypseli
  • Christou Mantika – Kypseli (in front of the park)
  • Feidippidou 30 – Ampelokipi
  • Argentinian Republic Square - Ampelokipoi
  • Soutsou – next to Mavili square
  • Rest & Razikotsika – Mets
  • Ave. Georgiou Kafantari & Vouliagmenis Street – Agios Artemios
  • Iakovidou 1-3 – Patisia
  • Athina & Lykourgou - Omonia
  • Tripoleos 25 - Colonos

It is noted that the charging station in Kypseli is temporarily not working - It is planned to move it to a new location due to the implementation of Metro works .

George Andris is a columinist for News Auto.

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