Train collision: "We all helped in saving people," says 20-year-old hero Andreas Alikaniotis

train collision Andreas Alikaniotis

The 20-year-old student Andreas Alikaniotis spoke about the moments he experienced on the fatal train collision in Tempi, who in the midst of the tragedy was able to free his fellow passengers from the second carriage, saving many lives.

"I did what I felt like doing as a person. At that time I thought of three things. I was wondering if it is true what happened, that I will leave and not have time to say goodbye to my people, and, at least leave immediately to not to burn alive," said Andreas Alikaniotis to SKAI.

Shortly before the moment of the collision, he was talking with his friends so that someone could pick him up from the station since the train was delayed.

"That's when the collision happened. At the time of the explosion, I was in the air with three of my fellow students, we were all in the second carriage," he said.

Then, there was darkness everywhere, he saw fires and sparks, while the atmosphere was stifling due to the fumes from the burning materials. He and his fellow students managed to jump from the upper side windows.

"I was afraid that I would leave and not have time to say goodbye to my family"

Andreas Alikaniotis remembers the dramatic moments he experienced.

"People were running away from the fire, talking on cell phones, some were huddled in the field, others were struggling with pain and anxiety," he said.

When Andreas realised he was fine, he tried to save his fellow passengers.

“I had the nerve to help people out and I wasn't alone in that. We all helped," he said.

Andreas also said he spent 25 minutes getting out of the train and then called his mother.

"I would not take the train again, not because I am afraid, but because I would not want to give my money to such people again," he said.

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