Train collision: The three cousins from Kalambaka recently became godmothers - a chapel in honour of their memory instead of a funeral

train collision women from kalambaka

The whole of Kalambaka has been plunged into mourning after the loss of the three women in the deadly train collision in Tempi.

They are the twin sisters Thomi and Chrysa Plakia, and their first cousin Anastasia Plakia. The women are the daughters of Nikos and Dimitris Plakia, owners of a well-known tavern in Kastraki Kalambakas.

train collision women from kalambaka

The three women ​​who lost their lives in the tragic accident were inseparable. Their social media accounts showed photos of their summer vacations, on night outs, but also, when they became godmothers to the same child.

The baptism had taken place in Kastraki, where the three women grew up and helped in the tavern that their family owns.

Their parents cannot believe the evil that has befallen them. As Alexis Kougias, the family's lawyer, said, the bodies of the girls were almost decomposed and it is not known if and what the relatives will receive to bury.

The family's wish is, instead of a funeral, to build a small church in memory of their children, who were lost so prematurely and so unfairly.

The family's lawyer saying that the parents do not wish to be seen in public, but they want the story to go to the end, as in, to make every person involved in the tragedy accountable.

The women, 20-year-old twins and their 19-year-old cousin, had gone to Kalambaka to see their parents and then boarded the fatal train bound for Thessaloniki, their place of study.

The young women were traveling by train for the first time, while a few minutes before their journey they had posted videos on social media commenting on the delays in the Hellenic Train routes: "Maybe we'll get there one day".

The girls' uncle was shocked and told SKAI: "They came for Carnival and their father took them to the train to travel to Thessaloniki. Unfortunately their fate was written in Tempi and they ended. We don't know… did they burn? Every time their father or uncle took them."

The mother of one of the three girls from Kalambaka, who were missing for hours until their bodies were finally identified, spoke to the ANT1 television station about the tragedy in Tempi .

She was in so much pain, she was barely able to answer the questions about the twins and their cousin. "We were informed by the sites", he said about how they learned the tragic news of the train collision .

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