Missing elderly American couple found dead on Mt. Taygetos

american couple

The American couple that were missing in the southwestern Peloponnese since January 23 were found dead in a ravine on Mt. Taygetos near Kalamata on Friday, Greek media reported.

David Harrison Robinson, 83, and his wife Lucretia, 80, were living permanently in Dapia of the Messinia prefecture in southwestern Peloponnese.

In January 23, they were declared missing and a search began for them. They were last seen driving their blue Opel eastward.

Their car was located by a drone of the Greek police, and their bodies were found in the same vicinity in southern Peloponnese on Friday afternoon.

Efforts by the Fire Brigade and its disaster rescue team EMAK focused on retrieving the bodies from the ravine before nightfall. Volunteers from Messinia also helped.

A formal confirmation of identity is pending.

David Harrison Robinson and Lucretia Robinson left their home on January 23, 2023, with a possible destination of Monemvasia in Laconia. However, they went missing sometime after their departure from home.

The missing couple had been living in an area of Methoni in the southern Peloponnese for the last few years.

In the days following their disappearance the couple’s daughter, who is in the US, made a social media post in which she seemed to think that her parents ended their lives voluntarily.

“My parents are officially missing and presumed dead of their own accord,” she wrote.

“They were in Greece when it happened; I don’t know where they went to end their lives, so until their bodies are found I need the help of my community to stay functional,” the daughter added.

She did not explain why she thought her parents committed suicide.

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