Turkish Islamists defend sex with children and say condemning it is an offense

Diyanet Turkey islamists

Islamists in Turkey are citing a hadith – a dubious source of Mohammed’s sayings written 200 years after his death and on which Islamic scholars have never agreed on for centuries — to defend their paedophilic urges for underage girls.

Most recently, in November, Turkey was shocked at news that a prominent Islamic sheik, the leader of a religious order fiercely devoted to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had married off his six-year-old daughter to a 29-year-old disciple.

Six! The girl had been forced into sex and became a mother at 14.

She complained to the prosecutor’s office, but Erdoğan’s authorities apparently did not want to bother the sheik.

As she became an adult, she collected evidence of abuse, made it public, and only then the judiciary took action.

Initially the court decided to try the suspects without detention, but under huge public pressure, the court detained both the father and husband. The father, in a statement, said that he was answerable only to Allah, not to a court.

At the first court hearing in January, loyalists of the Hiranur sect gathered in front of the court building “to protest the legal proceedings against their sheik.”

In defence of the girl’s father, they shouted, “Allahu akbar [Allah is the greatest].” At the same hearing, the court ordered a “secrecy and media ban” on future proceedings.

The trial was adjourned to February 27.

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