Bleat: Yorgos Lanthimos's new film with Emma Stone will premier on May 6 in Greece

Emma Stone Yorgos Lanthimos

Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, who has ten Oscar nominations to his name, including Best Picture, is already planning his next project with Academy Award-winning star Emma Stone - “Poor Things.”

The new film co-stars actors like Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe and is expected to hit the film festival circuit soon as it was shot late last summer. But the wait to see Lanthimos and Stone reunited will arrive much sooner than that, at least for lucky audiences in Greece.

Before “Poor Things,” Stone will star in the already-shot short film, “Bleat” alongside distinguished French actor Damien Bonnard, known for the indie “Thirst Street” and recent smaller roles in “The French Dispatch” and “Dunkirk.”

Formerly titled “Vlichi,” also known as “Bêlement,” the project was made for the National Greek Opera and the Greek NEON Culture and Development Organization.

According to, “Bleat” is a comedy and was shot on the Greek island of Tinos in February 2020. The film’s soundtrack consists of works by J. S. Bach, Knut Nystedt, and Toshio Hosokawa,

“Bleat” will make its world premiere, accompanied by live orchestral ensembles, on May 6, 2022, inside the Stavros Niarchos Hall of the National Greek Opera, according to a recent NewsBulletin post (“Bleat” will also screen May 7 and 8).

As mentioned, Lanthimos’ next full-length feature is “Poor Things,” which co-stars Jerrod Carmichael, Margaret Qualley, Christopher Abbott and centers on a drowned woman who has her brain replaced with the brain of her unborn child by her father.

Fingers crossed on a Cannes debut, but maybe the fall would make more sense given the time constraints and the “Bleat” short film that had to be finished first.

Watch the first trailer below, which doesn’t tell you much, other than a quick shot of Stone walking in a shawl on a windswept Greek Island, but as the title suggests, it does feature a goat.

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