Greek-American Paul Vallas Advances to Next Round of Chicago Mayoral Election


CHICAGO – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced a resounding defeat on Tuesday, losing her bid for a second term due to widespread dissatisfaction from voters over her handling of crime and policing in the city. Lightfoot, who made history four years ago as the first Black woman to be elected mayor of Chicago, saw her popularity plummet during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly as the city suffered a spike in violent crime in 2020.

However, this loss has paved the way for a new candidate to emerge in the mayoral race – Greek American Paul Vallas.

A former public schools executive, Vallas is known for his aggressive campaign tactics and has portrayed Chicago as being in turmoil under Lightfoot’s leadership. He has garnered endorsements from the local Fraternal Order of Police. He has run on a platform promising to make the city safer by bolstering the police force, improving arrest rates for serious crimes, and expanding charter schools.