Greek exports hit a new record high, extending the rising decade-long trend.

exports record high

Greek exports reached a new record high in 2022 – jumping by more than a third over prior year levels – as Greek producers of everything from petroleum products to building materials to food witnessed sharp increases in the value of their overseas shipments.

According to the latest data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Greek exports rose 36.7% annually to €54.68 billion − up from around €40 billion in 2021, which was a record year. Excluding exports of petroleum products and ships, two export categories that can fluctuate monthly, Greek exports rose by more than a fifth last year, increasing 21.6% to €35.05 billion compared with €28.8 billion in 2021.

Last year also confirmed that Greece’s rising exports are across the board and markets, with increases recorded in all key sectors. This is despite muted global trade flows due to higher energy costs and interest rates that weighed worldwide economic growth.

In a statement, Greek Exporters Association President Simeon Diamantidis noted that the latest data underscored: “the strong dynamics of the export sector, with our country recording one of the highest percentage growth rates in exports in Europe, and reaching for the first time approximately €55 billion in merchandise exports, surpassing a ratio of 25% of GDP.”

Equally important are signs that Greek exports are climbing up the value chain while gaining wider acceptance in overseas markets. A recent study by the National Bank of Greece showed that Greek exports of high-tech products − such as machinery and pharmaceuticals – grew at double-digit rates last year and that most Greek export categories were expanding their market share against European rivals.

More than half of Greek exports were to other European Union member-states in 2022 − accounting for 55.1% of total Greek exports overall− demonstrating the bloc’s continued importance as a destination for Greek products. But Greek exports are increasingly expanding in other regions, notably the Middle East and North America.


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