STRIKE: Metro, ISAP trains and trams to operate from 11:00-17:00 on Wednesday to transport protestors

Athens airport metro station 24-hour strike

The metro, ISAP train and tram workers will participate on Wednesday in the 24-hour strike announced by ADEDY but will operate from 11:00 to 17:00 to transport the protesters who want to participate in the strike rallies.

The Greek Civil Servants' Confederation (ADEDY) announced a 24-hour nationwide strike in the public sector on Wednesday, March 8.

In its press release issued on Monday, ADEDY has also called for a mass protest rally at 12:30 at Klafthmonos Square in central Athens.

Several protest rallies and strikes have followed Tuesday night's collision of a passenger train with a freight train that has claimed the lives of 57 people, most of them undergraduate students.

ADEDY said that the strike is being held "to demand - together with all the workers and the people - an end to the policy of privatization, and that the real responsibilities for the murderous crime of the Tempi train crash be attributed" to those responsible.

In the same vein, the Panhellenic Seamen's Federation (PNO) announced a 24hr strike that will keep all ships docked nationwide on March 8. PNO also demanded that light be shed on all aspects of the collision of the two trains, and that all relevant measures be taken for safe land and sea transportation.

The Greek Primary Teachers' Federation (DOE) also announced that they would be joining ADEDY's nationwide strike on Wednesday and attending the Athens protest rally. In relation to last week's tragic train crash, DOE noted that "all teachers, together with parents and students, can demonstrate our power and our determination not to remain silent, and to demand that responsibilities be identified without compromises and cover-ups of the truth."

Meanwhile, the railworkers' union on Monday announced that they are extending their nationwide strike mobilization through Wednesday. All train services carried out by Hellenic Trains, including all Athens suburban railway services, have been suspended since last Wednesday.

Railway workers' unions said that "we are fighting for the safe running of trains, but also for the truth to shine and for the culprits of the tragic train accident to be found, regardless of how high up they are."

Buses and trolleys will also remain stationary on Wednesday, as the Athens Urban Transport Organization's (OASA) workers' union announced their participation in the strike mobilization. In its statement, OASA's union said that they demand a safe and modern public transport and measures for the safety of both staff and passengers.

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