Six Special "smart" Islands of Greece

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Euronews has announced a list of six Greek islands as part of a targeted EOT program.

It included: Tilos, Hydra, Astypalea, Paros, Lipsi and Andros. According to the international news network, Astypalea stands out from other islands with its “revolutionary transformation”, becoming “smart” (in terms of technology) and sustainable islands.

Lipsi has become an “ecological paradise” without organized sun loungers, while Tilos stands out for its energy autonomy through solar and wind energy. The island of Hydra is different – no cars are allowed here, while efforts are being made in Paros to reduce waste drastically. Andros completes the list with a public awareness initiative on the importance of the underwater ecosystem.

According to the rating compilers, everything shown in Greece, Italy, and other European tourist markets will increase passenger traffic in the upcoming season. “Recently, we have created a new momentum for the tourism sector, which has been impressive, even against international performance.

Suffice it to say that tourist arrival in 2022 increased by 17.9% compared to 2019. Stability, strengthened by our systematic efforts, has played a vital role in tourism development. Last year, there was a lot of interest in Greece from foreign visitors, which makes us optimistic about the upcoming 2023 season,” said Mayor of Astypalia Nikos Komineas.