Greek Australian trailblazer is happy to go back to where it all began - Newtown

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Greek Australian trailblazer goes back to where it all started, Newtown. For many migrant Greeks in the 1950s and 1960s, Newtown was the first place they called home. A thriving Australian suburb to which many Greek families continue to contribute. Greeks still reside there, run businesses, churches, and community groups.


Ms. Fiona Douskou has decided to run as the Liberal Candidate for Newtown, where it all began for her grandparents all those years ago - a seat which encompasses the inner Sydney suburbs of Redfern, Chippendale, Darlington, Eveleigh, parts of Surry Hills, Waterloo, Erskineville, Camperdown, Marrickville and Lewisham.


Greek language used at home, other than English comes in at number 4 according to in Newtown alone.  When partnered with other areas like Marrickville - recently named ‘Little Greece’ to mark its Greek heritage as a “gesture of respect” to all the Greek migrants who have helped to build Marrickville into one of the “most interesting suburbs on earth,” according to Inner West mayor Darcy Byrne, Greek language would rank even higher.


Ms. Fiona Douskou grew up in a small business family with her parents and grandparents successfully running their own businesses locally. “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community, creating valuable local employment opportunities and helping people to get ahead,” Ms. Douskou said.


Photo of Ms. Douskou taken on busy King St, Newtown. Photo courtesy of George Karantonis, Image Smart.


Ms. Douskou vows to keep Newtown moving forward. 


As a Cybersecurity specialist and technology entrepreneur, Ms. Fiona Douskou knows what it takes to protect and serve her community. Ms. Douskou said, “Our communities have endured a challenging time, and the Perrottet Government has been working incredibly hard to provide support and take the pressure off businesses and families.”


Ms. Fiona Douskou is a member of the Australian Women in Security Network, NSW Cybersecurity ambassador and youth mentor, and is the Culture Chair of a Diversity and Inclusion Team delivering advocacy and support for Women, LGBTQI+, and Indigenous Australians.


“I have always been focused on creating a better future for our community, by championing diversity and embracing the great things we can achieve by working together. I am excited by this opportunity to use my passion and experience to advocate on issues that are important to this community – from easing the pressure on household budgets to investing in more local public transport. At the coming election people will be asked to make a choice that will decide the future of our state, and only the Perrottet Government has the real leadership and experience to move NSW forward,” Ms. Douskou said.

Ms. Douskou with local Blooms the Chemist owner Mr. Andrew Ioannou. Photo courtesy of George Karantonis, Image Smart.


“I’m running to be a part of the Perrottet Liberal Team, which has been focused on making it easier for people to get health care services at the local pharmacy, fixing stamp duty to help our first home buyers, and standing up to powerful interest groups.”


“If elected, I will be a strong and effective voice for Newtown, advocating for more local jobs, frontline services this community needs, and community infrastructure. I am running to make a real difference and be the change catalyst for this community. The Perrottet Government’s plan to support and empower this community will make living here better and more affordable and together we will keep NSW moving forward.”

Photo of Ms. Douskou, at GT Optica, Marrickville. “Politics may be ‘all Greek’ to some, but everyone understands the importance of community, and ultimately that’s what I stand for.” Photo courtesy of George Karantonis, Image Smart.
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