Time Out: Karpathos among the 14 most underrated travel destinations in 2023

Karpathos greek island

Karpathos was included among the 14 alternative destinations from around the world that have the charm of being different and unexplored and have been "overlooked" or "underrated" by mass tourism.

The purpose of the article, according to the two popular media, is to inspire travelers about quality destinations that stand out for their local culture, gastronomy and experiences and are considered "hidden gems".

"While tourists flock to watch the sunset in overcrowded Santorini or bronze back-to-back on Mykonos’s packed beaches," says Time Out.

"Greeks in the know take the four-hour ferry ride from Rhodes to the Dodecanese island of Karpathos.

"Do the same and you’ll find yourself chilling on a string of near-deserted beaches lapped by pristine waters and frequented by Mediterranean monk seals.

"Lap up local food in the tavernas of Olympos, a mountain village that feels frozen in time, where women still wear colourful traditional outfits and donkeys are the only traffic."

Karpathos greek island

According to the British outlet's list, in Karpathos, visitors enjoy pristine beaches, far from the crowds and standardisation of other Greek islands, while reference is made to the unique Olympus.

The list also includes: Mongolia, Lake Bacalar in Mexico, Cuenca in Ecuador, Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Gippsland in Australia, Plymouth, Vermont, Turku in Finland, Lombok in Indonesia, Sao Tome Islands and Principe, Bray, Ireland and Zimbabwe.

Karpathos greek island

"The raw beauty of Karpathos fascinates travelers with special interests," said the Deputy Mayor for Tourism of the Municipality of Karpathos, Manolis Paragyios.

"Meetings in the framework of the largest international tourism exhibition, ITB 2023, show the strong interest from journalists, bloggers and other experts regarding unexplored destinations, such as Karpathos, with authentic experiences without hordes of mass tourists.

Karpathos greek island

"It is no coincidence that our island was recently included among the 25 proposed destinations for 2023, in the annual established list of National Geographic."

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