The Wonderful Street Art of Athens

street art athens

Back in the 1990s, hearing the word graffiti conjured up images of delinquency, crime and destruction of public property - however, if we acknowledge that the image of street artists has changed today, we quickly understand that street art has opened a brand new chapter in the bleak urban aesthetics of Athens

So, we made a list of modern Athenian murals that we definitely have to look for in the streets of the capital at some point, without this ever meaning, of course, that urban art stops evolving.

Gospel, Amphoreus, Olympic Village Sports Centre


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An artwork that admittedly refers to another era with its aesthetics and subject matter. The truth is that in the age of social media and virtual reality, sports ideals are not the most beloved topic of modern digital culture.

However, this graffiti reminds us of the well-known and oft-said "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Something that no matter how many years pass, it will not stop encouraging us and making us think. A composition carried out in collaboration with the "Phoebus" sports club and the Ministry of Sports.

Taxis, At the river, Panormou street


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How would you like an oasis of coolness in the vast concrete of the big city? This graffiti with a modern and liberating aesthetic was created in the context of "For the Love of Greece", which aimed to protect the natural environment, combat climate change and protect biodiversity.

Perhaps, what catches the eye the most is the original theme and the special shades of green that give a natural touch to the gray dissonance of the big city.

Ilias Papailiakis, To Fili, Avdi Square

This is a graffiti that could under any other circumstances be a painting in a gallery. Abstract and austere with a unique theme of the kiss, this graffiti differs from what we consider classic graffiti by establishing a formalistic rendering of high aesthetics.

And is there a better subject than the human kiss?

A symbol of love and connection in an urban environment that fosters alienation and isolation, this graffiti tells – basically depicts – a great truth.

SimpleG, So many books so little time, Megalo Alexandrou/Metaxourgiou metro


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An incredible mural of women.

A woman in full body rendering reads a book from a stack at the end of the table. Perhaps, the most special part of this composition is the dark colours and heavy shades that give a different feel and immediately catch the eye.

This is a mural that is a bit vintage and a bit modern, being a typical example of high level street art.

Melina Koan, Soul/Sustainability, Theatre Square


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Because, perhaps, the soul we have inside us is something deeper and more essential that remains unchanged through the ages. Perhaps, this phrase is more suitable for the impressive mural with the little girl anxiously waiting for the plant to bloom.

The whole composition looks more like something out of a magical fairy tale that is an oasis of optimism in the gray environment of apartment buildings, where the blue sky and blue butterflies are the "window" for peace.

Yianni Koutredi is a columnist for Travel

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