Crete: Policeman saved a person who tried to end his life

suicide crete

A policeman saved a man from certain death in Crete who tried to end his life.

According to Creta Post, the incident happened on Thursday afternoon when the 61-year-old man made the decision to kill himself. He himself went to the port of Pantanassa in Heraklion and before jumping into the sea, he contacted his wife and informed her of his intentions.

His wife immediately notified the authorities and policemen rushed to the port of Pantanassa. The 61-year-old had already jumped into the sea and had even tied his hands in the belt so that he could not be saved.

A policeman jumped into the sea and rescued the man by bringing him safely to shore.

Then the authorities uncuffed his hands and took him to the police station in order to discuss the incident in a calm manner.

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