CRETE: US Navy aircraft carrier 'USS George H. W. Bush' docks at Souda Bay

Crete USS George H. W. Bush

US Navy aircraft carrier "USS George H. W. Bush" docked at pier K14 of the NATO anchorage at Marathi in Souda Bay, Crete on Friday morning. The "supercarrier" approached Marathi with the help of tugboats and is expected to remain for five days.

The "George H.W. Bush" measures 333 m and displaces over 100,000 tons, with a top speed exceeds 30 knots; powered with two nuclear reactors, the ship can operate for more than 20 years without refueling.

The ship has a crew of 3500 and can accommodate another 2500 for the needs of the air force. Able to carry 85 fighter jets and other aircraft, the "George H. W. Bush" last visited Souda in October 2022 and March 2017.

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