Marinakis' message on the 98th birthday of Olympiacos - "We are growing and becoming a global sports power"

Evangelos Marinakis Olympiacos

Olympiacos celebrates today the 98th anniversary of its foundation.

The owner and president of the Red and White club, Evangelos Marinakis, wanted to send his own birthday message.

Marinakis's message in detail:

"98 whole years of triumphs and glory that created a great sports history, a LEGEND of sports and a family of millions of fans who proudly wave the Red and White every day!

"THE OLYMPIACOS PHILATHLON ASSOCIATION OF PIRAEUS continues to grow and become a global sports force. At the same time, it opens its big arms for those who need it, returning the love of the world.

"We will not stop trying to write golden pages together in the Legendary book of our History.

"With vision and hard work we will continue to carry our flag higher and higher.

"Moments of your glory, joys of ours.

"Long live the OLYMPIAN!"

The Red and White club was founded on 10 March 1925, in the Athenian port city of Piraeus.

The club's initial aim, as stated in the statutes, was the systematic cultivation and development of its athletes' possibilities for participation in athletic competitions, the spreading of the Olympic athletic ideal and the promotion of sportsmanship and fanship among the youth according to egalitarian principles, by stressing a healthy, ethical and social basis as its foundation.

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