Spanish national arrested for helping Cubans leave Greece with stolen passports

Athens airport spanish

A 57-year-old Spanish man was arrested on charges of helping four Cuban nationals, who were also arrested, leave Greece using stolen travel documents.

The Spaniard was charged with possessing the travel documents of a third party, the attempt and the act of illegally entering and exiting the country, accepting the proceeds of crime, assisting third party nationals to illegally enter Greece and assisting third-party nationals to illegally exit Greece with the aim of profit.

The suspect stands accused of systematically supplying stolen travel documents to foreign nationals, which he was spotted doing with the four Cubans at the airport on March 6, giving them the genuine passports of third parties with whom they had a resemblance (Lookalike method).

The four were arrested before boarding their flights, with two found to be holding passports reported as missing or stolen.
The arrested parties will be led before a public prosecutor.

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