What's On In Athens - Bouzoukia Edition

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There's always something to do in Athens, the city is always a vibe and alive! For some it can be a little overwhelming not knowing where to start, what to do, where to go, so we're here to make it easier for you.

Greek City Times is introducing 'What's On in Athens' guide, starting off this week with live stage shows. We’ve narrowed down the best choices and compiled a list of ‘top live shows’ during the month of March and beyond.


One of the most popular and exciting things to do in Athens is to see a live music show, there are always shows on of at least one or two of your favourite singers. It's a must-do experience and a guaranteed night of fun, we promise seeing singers perform live in Greece is an absolute highlight and addictive! Be prepared to stay out till the sun comes up, the shows in Greece start late! Venue doors open no earlier than 11:00pm, with support acts kicking off the night some time after the clock hits midnight, followed by the main artists not out on centre stage until well after 1.30am.-2:00am at the earliest.

Tips: If you're going in a group and want to secure seating, it's best to plan ahead and contact the venue to book your booth or table. The cost is a bottle charge for seating and standing is just an entrance fee and purchasing your drinks at the bar.

"Kefi (n.) the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, high spirits, and frenzy, in which good times and passion for life are expressed with abundance of excitement, happiness and fun."


Despina Vandi has teamed up with the pop band Melisses with the talented Christos Mastoras on lead vocals. Their on stage duet interaction chemistry is sizzling hot! Vandi has several glamorous costume changes, all encrusted crystal figure hugging outfits that sets temperatures rising. Joining the show is also Kings and Tania Breazou. The show is described as a "magical night" and you'll be singing along to all your favourite Vandi songs and dancing to the popular tracks of Melisses. An upbeat show that will have you out of your seat and up on your feet all night!

Where: Enastron

Phone: +302103413550

When: Every Friday & Saturday - Doors open at 11:00pm

Prices: Bottle of drinks: €180.00


One of the most anticipated and exciting shows which comes at no surprise with this dynamic duo of hotness! What collaboration dreams are made of and these two Greek Gods set the stage of fire with their performaces both together and solo. Singing their chart topping hits and some covers thrown in the mix too. Rouvas and Argiros have developed a real camaraderie after working together on The Voice of Greece and it comes across in their live show that these two have become best buds and have an absolute blast on stage together entertaining the audiences. Opening for the duo is Greek-American Evangelia, her first ever residency in her career. The creative musical talent performs her hits ‘Pame Pame’ and ‘Fotia’ amongst others. (Great night out for a celebration of a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party).

Where: Teatro

Phone: +302109400726

When: Every Friday & Saturday - Doors open at 11:00pm

Prices: - Bottle of Spirits from €190.00, €230.00 & €300.00 (for 4 people)
- Bottle of wine €100 (for 2 people)


The eccentric superstar Mazonakis continues to entertain crowds in his unique, memorable and stylistic show. The deep, velvety and powerful voice of the singer combined with his entertaining stage performance fun, makes it an enjoyable show both visually and auditorily. He is joined by Christina Miliou, Konstantinos Frantzis, Francis "Ofili" Adetokunbo, Fotis Papazisis and Tata. 'Mazo' as is he referred to, is a fan favourite amongst locals who rave about the quality of singer's voice and songs. A live show that won't disappoint!

Where: Kentro Athinon

Phone: +302103454108

When: Every Thursday & Saturday - Doors open at 11:00pm

Entrance: Bottles of alcohol from €170.00 (for 4 people)


If you've never been to a Nikos Vertis show in Greece, then you haven't lived. A Vertis show is like no other, it's an exhilarating experience complete with fireworks! An incredible, spectacular extravaganza that will take your breath away. In a world class multi-level venue that comes with its own private suites (at a cost), including The Y Project Restaurant (Sushi Restaurant and Cocktail Bar) and much more. This is a show that you just don't go to once, even locals repeatedly attend week after week. The masterminds behind the out-of-this-world show could have you fooled you're in Vegas watching Cirque du Soleil with the acrobatics and dancers that are choreographed into the singer's performances. It's safe to say you will not get this level of artistic production at any other show, so if you're in Greece, run don't walk to see Vertis live in Athens!

Where: YTON The Music Show

Phone: +302103453139

When: Every Saturday & Sunday - Doors open at 11:30pm

Prices: Bottles of alcohol from €190.00 (for 4 people) - Wine for two people €95.00


Remos and Garbi provide an ultimate night of class with their classic hits and numerous platinum status songs. Both two of the most likeable and all-time favourite singers that have had longevity in the industry and continue to evolve as artists today. Their voices unmatched, so identifiable and all their much loved songs that still hits different when heard, will forever be a part of our Spotify playlists. Their voices together in duets during the show will mesmerise you and their solo numbers will take you down memory lane. Rest your voices during the day because you'll be belting out songs singing along all night! Thank us later and you're welcome.

Where: NOX

Phone: +302103411000

When: Every Saturday & Sunday - Doors open at 11:00pm

Prices: Bottles from €200.00 (for 4 people)


Oikonomopoulos, the ultimate voice returns to Fantasia where he has enjoyed immense success in recent years. After two months of sold-out performances in Thessaloniki, the popular artist performs for his loyal Athens audience. Oikonomopoulos' success has greatly risen in the last several years, gaining respect and admiration for his talent and character from his idols such as the legendary Giannis Parios. His quality of vocals, clarity and tone seducing voice are enjoyed by all generations. His relatable song lyrics and transcending melodies will have you completely hypnotised in all that is Nikos Oikonomopoulos. His ensemble consists of Giorgos Livanis, one of the most accomplished and promising artists of the new generation, the highly talented Andromachi, Morfoula and a group of remarkable young artists. A truly stunning show with impressive lighting design that fully illuminates the stage, complete with a backlit screen with special effects.

Where: Fantasia Live

Phone: +302108940203

When: Every Friday & Saturday - Doors open at 11:30pm

Prices: Bottle €200.00 (for 4 people) - Special bottle of drinks: €230.00 (for 4 people) Entrance (Bar with drink): €20.00


Ploutarchos meets the explosive Paola on stage for the first time! This is the duo you never knew you needed. The pairing of the singers seem to have the yin and yang on stage due to their contrast in music styles. The 'Ah Koritsi Mou' singer Ploutarchos and the sultry voice of Poala along with her trademark dances moves, will captivate you and fulfil your musical desires. They are also joined by Anastasios Ramos and Aspa.

Where: Fever

Phone: +302109217333

When: Every Friday & Saturday - Doors opent at 11:00pm

Prices: Bottles €170.00

There of course many more singers and bands to see across Athens, including smaller venues and intimate settings like traditional Greek tavernas and outdoor theaters and we'll be sharing those also throughout the coming weeks.

Either way, whichever or whoever you choose to see, you won't be disappointed and it will be an amazing experience you'll always remember and reflect back on with only the best of memories.

Side note: Keep a lookout as to who's in the audience, it's a sure thing to spot a celebrity or few; television personalities, other famous singers and even Hollywood actors have been spotted at the bouzoukia, all there to have a good time and enjoy the kefi!

*Prices may vary and subject to change, please contact venue to confirm prior to booking/arrival.

Hollywood Actor James Franco spotted at Anna Vissi: http://greekcitytimes.com/2022/10/13/james-franco-anna-vissi-concert/?amp

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