Yeni Şafak: TCG Anadolu helicopter carrier will be in the Aegean and Crete

TCG Anadolu Yeni Safak

The amphibious operations helicopter carrier TCG Anadolu is expected to be in the Aegean Sea and Crete after its delivery to the Turkish Navy, Yeni Şafak reported.

The pro-Turkish government newspaper, which many times acts as a "mouthpiece" of Ankara, reported the news of the ship's inclusion in the Turkish navy.

It seems that, also due to the pre-election period in Turkey, a climate against Greece is starting to be cultivated again by pro-government media, despite what followed after the recent deadly earthquakes.

TCG Anadolu Yeni Safak

TCG Anadolu is Turkey's first amphibious multi-role assault ship and took eight years to complete. It was actually handed over to the navy in January after a large sea trial. According to the newspaper, the assembly and placement of weapons, electronic systems and radars will follow.

TCG Anadolu was originally intended to be used as Turkey's first aircraft carrier and used for F-35 fifth generation fighter jets. After being excluded from their production program for purchasing the Russian S-400, Turkey ended up instead with a helicopter carrier...

The carrier will instead exclusively carry dozens of Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

It is the largest ship of the Turkish Navy, with a length of 230 m and a width of 32 m, while it will have a top speed of 20.5 knots and a range of 9000 nautical miles when fully loaded.

Yeni Şafak released photos of an exercise recently held at CG Anadolu with AH-1W SUPER COBRA and SH-70 SEA HAWK helicopters landing on its deck.

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