Greece is the 9th most popular country for US students studying overseas

American students in athens acropolis greece

Cooperation in the educational sector as a pillar for the further development of Greece-US relations dominated the discussion organised by the American College of Greece in Washington. The event was held under the auspices of the Greek Embassy as part of the university's 100th anniversary celebrations.

"At a time when Greek-US relations are stronger than ever, the discussion aims to support the efforts of the US and Greek governments to strengthen bilateral cooperation through educational partnerships and the cultivation of ties between civil society," according to a university announcement.

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Erica Olson underlined that the US government supports student exchange programmes as they empower students and help develop deeper international ties.

In fact, she noted that Greece is the ninth most popular academic destination for American students who choose to study abroad. At the same time, Greece ranks eighth in the EU in terms of the number of students it sends to study in the USA.

On her part, the Ambassador of Greece to the US, Alexandra Papadopoulou, noted that education is at the heart of Greek civilization and culture, as it is considered to be the key that opens the door to personal and economic development.

She added that educational partnerships and exchanges can help people come together.

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