Greek Ministry issues warning over mosquito-borne diseases

mosquito thumb large

The Health Ministry has issued an announcement drawing the public’s attention to mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever and the Zika and Chikungunya viruses.

The ministry has sent a circular to all health authorities in the country to take emergency measures to combat mosquitoes, especially within environments with potential mosquito breeding sites (ponds, greenery etc).

They should also ensure that patients, visitors and employees of healthcare facilities are protected from mosquito bites – e.g. by placing mosquito nets on windows and doors, providing repellants and using air conditioners or fans.

In addition, municipalities are required to take measures to eliminate mosquito breeding outbreaks, clean up the environment, raise public awareness and implement mosquito management projects.

The imminent danger, according to the Health Ministry, “makes it imperative to take measures for the surveillance and control of mosquitoes, with special attention and enhanced surveillance in areas that are potential gateways.”

It was also stressed that mosquitoes can be easily transported from country to country by airplanes and ships.

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