British Museum Chairperson Osborn: "The sculptures can be seen both in London and Athens"

British Museum should return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece, says Sir Antony Gormley

The chairperson of British Museum, George Osborne, said in the "Diaries" column of the Spectator magazine that the Parthenon sculptures could be seen in both London and Athens.

"We trustees are exploring with the Greeks whether there’s a way to solve this 200-year-old dispute so that the sculptures can be seen both in London and Athens," Osborne said.

"Treasures currently in Greece could be seen by new audiences here. We may succeed, or we may not, but it’s worth trying," he added.

He also referred to the stance of Boris Johnson, saying: "Surely that can’t be the same Boris who once wrote a column saying that ‘the reasons for taking the Marbles were good. The reasons for handing them back are better still. The Elgin Marbles should leave this northern whisky-drinking guilt culture, and be displayed where they belong: in a country of bright sunlight and the landscape of Achilles, the shadowy mountains and the echoing sea.' There must be two Borises."

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