Here come the Greek drones that will conquer the sky!


The tests of the sub-scale model of the "Archytas" program were successfully completed, while at the same time the special production area of ​​the Greek drone was defined in the Greek Aviation Industry (EAB). At the same time, EAB made a trial construction of a small part of the required molds, in order to confirm its design.

As far as the "Grypas" program is concerned, reported News Auto, it is planned to record and analyse the businesses in which the users want the aircraft to participate. The analysis of the users' requirements and their effects on the work undertaken by each participant in the program will follow after.

Regarding the two programs, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said:

"The two programs Archytas and Grypas, which have been launched, financed and supervised by the Ministry of Finance and which aim at the design and industrial production of autonomous aircraft (drone) with the cooperation of the EAB and the Universities - Aristotle Thessaloniki (AUTH), Patras (PP), Democritus Thrace (APTH) and Thessaly (APTH) - are in progress of implementation.

"Every three months the Minister of Finance reports to the citizens on the course of their implementation.


"I. "Archytas" Program

"Its implementation began on September 1, 2021.

"Last quarter:

"a. The tests of the sub-scale model by the competent officers of the AUTH were successfully completed.

"b. The Final Design Review Meeting (Critical Design Review – CDR) was held, which certified the completion of the Design.

"c. The construction of the special area for the production of both the two prototypes and the industrial production line has been completed by EAB.

"d. The ODA has received a significant percentage of the required materials and equipment, while others are expected, as they are experiencing delays due to disruptions in the supply chains.

"e. EAB made a trial construction of a small part of the required molds , in order to confirm their design.

"These samples were used for test construction of part of the wing of the aircraft, with complete success in confirming the design.

"The reception of the devices of the system is followed by the laboratory tests of the devices and their interconnection, by the PTH, the DPTH and the ODA.

"An order is given for the final manufacture of all the molds, as well as an order for the required composite materials that will be used in the construction of Archytas and immediately after that the production phase of the two prototypes begins .

"This is followed by ground testing of the aircraft, test flights and performance evaluation flights of the UAV (in terms of specifications). Around the end of this year, with the end of the controls, the ODA will be ready to take orders for the construction of aircraft for various uses.

"II. "Grypas" Program

"The start of the program took place on January 15, 2023.

"On February 3, the kick-off meeting of those involved took place.

"The first Phase of the program foresees the recording and analysis of the operations, in which the users wish to participate the aircraft.

"This will be followed by the phases of analysing the user requirements and their effects on the work undertaken by each participant in the program.

"The representative of the Air Force participating in the program, in collaboration with the EAB, has prepared a detailed record of the above, based on international standards, in order to review and appropriately modify them by the users, depending on their particular requirements.

"This method seeks to significantly reduce the response time of the three users, in order to give enough time to analyse their requirements. For the immediate future, visits-meetings to the three Branches of the Armed Forces are planned.

"Therefore, the implementation of the two programs of national importance with the cooperation of the ODA and the Universities of AUTH, PP, DPTH, PTH, financed by the Greek citizens through the Ministry of Finance , is progressing smoothly."

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