Paola responds to those who criticised her for singing on stage only days after the train collision tragedy

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Paola is one of the artists who appeared in the nightclubs to sing despite national mourning for the fatal train collision in Tempi. Her decision certainly raised a wave of reactions.

In statements she made to the Kalimera morning program, she was asked to explain the big uproar caused by her decision to appear at the nightclub.

"Hello! I won't say anything guys, be good," the singer said initially.

Although Paola was asked about it, she refrained from commenting on the choice of Giannis Ploutarchos to not sing in the nightclub where they appear together.

"There is a God, that's what I'll give you as an answer. Be well," was enough for the singer to say.

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After viewing her statements, Giorgos Liagas commented: "It was an answer, I thought she wouldn't speak. Is Paola being accused of something? What justification? Who blamed whom? Even those who decided to sing have not understood what has happened."

"Nobody blamed anyone. Is Paola a victim of something? Why does she come out and say there is a God? Who blamed her? Why should some people be above criticism in Greece?" he added.

The response 

Paola wanted to respond to the negative comments she received, explaining that her goal is to donate the money collected from the appearance in question to the hospital in Larissa, where most of the injured from the fatal collision are being treated.

In a video posted by a TikTok user and making the rounds online, the popular singer can be heard saying from above the stage:

“I'm a brave person and I wouldn't mind losing my money tonight. But, I came here and I want the money that would have come to my dressing room, tomorrow to go to the hospital in Larissa," with her audience bursting into applause.

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