Parents of murdered Caroline Crouch's killer husband lose court bid to win custody of the couple's daughter from her maternal family - and are granted 'just one hour of contact a week on Skype'

By 7 months ago

The parents of Caroline Crouch's killer husband, who murdered her in front of their infant daughter, have lost their bid to win custody of their grandchild.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 35, was jailed for life last year for smothering the British mother, 20, in front of the couple's then nine month old daughter Lydia, in May 2021. 

The Greek pilot also killed Caroline's beloved dog before staging a fake break in at their home in an upmarket Athens suburb.

Nearly two years on, Anagnostopoulos' parents' bid for custody of the couple's daughter, Lydia, has been rejected by an Athens court, the Sun reports.

The little girl's Greek grandparents will now have just one hour of access to her 'via Skype or other electronic means' each week, the court order states.

Caroline Crouch's family lawyer Thanassis Haramanis said: 'It is what we wanted in every way.

'The little girl will now live in peace with Caroline's sister and mother, Susan, in the Philippines. Lydia could not be more happy there.'

The ruling ends Anagnostopoulos' family's attempts to have Lydia brought back to Greece.

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