Rhodes: Grand parade for the 75th anniversary of the Dodecanese islands uniting with Greece - See the photos

Rhodes military parade

The 75th anniversary of the incorporation of the Dodecanese Islands into Greece (March 7, 1948) was celebrated on Sunday in Rhodes with great solemnity. Representatives of the local government, political parties and citizens gathered in the centre of the main city to watch the student and military parade.

It is noted that in several schools the students paraded wearing a small black ribbon on their lapel as a sign of mourning for the tragedy in Tempi, while some of the representatives of local authorities and agencies chose not to sit on the official platform and watched the parade together with the citizens.

Earlier, the official Doxology was held at the Holy Church of the Annunciation of Rhodes, while a memorial service and laying of wreaths at the "altar of the homeland" followed.

See video and photos:

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