Bisbikis on his zeibekiko with Despina Vandi: "I will continue like this and I don't care"

Vasilis Bisbikis, Despina Vandi zeibekiko

Vasilis Bisbikis gave his own answer about the infamous zeibekiko he danced a few weeks in a recent interview, where at the centre is the relationship between Vasilis Bisbikis and Despina Vandis.

A few weeks ago there was a big "scandal" involving the well-known actor's zeibekiko in the nightclub where his partner performs.

On the occasion of the new show "Crime and Punishment", Bisbikis spoke in an interview about his professional and personal life.

Regarding his relationship with Despina Vandi, when asked if he likes the recognition, he said: "No, it creates a problem for me. I danced a zeibekiko and it became an issue. I always used to go to bouzoukis and dance, but now it's crazy.

"They spoil you and you hear the most puritanical comments, about my fatness and I don't know what else. On the other hand, I cannot not live, because art is not above life.

"So I'll go on and I don't care, let my debauchery be endless through the years. As long as my child's happiness is not affected."

The dance:

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Regarding his work, the actor noted that most of it is experiential.

"I may not know Greek well, but I know how to speak a street language, and to write in it – which may be unedited or whatever, but I know how to work it. So the projects I choose are about people who are on the margins, and I know their language well.

"In this language I can write, feel, develop characters. But I always have to understand what I do with my soul. And with instinct."

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