Albanian Big Brother contestants sing Mazonakis - The video went viral

Albanian Big Brother Mazonakis

Big Brother has returned in recent months to television viewers in neighbouring Albania in an All Stars version. The reality tv show has singers and influencers, actors and athletes, and all have been locked in the Big Brother house, trying to stay as many days as they can, without being kicked out by the viewers.

In one of their usual afternoons in the Albanian Big Brother house, two contestants, the tenor Armaldo Kllogjeri and the singer Luiz Ejlli, who had represented his country in the Eurovision contest in 2006 in Athens, decided to sing in Greek.

What did they choose? One of the most famous songs of Giorgos Mazonakis, "Zilevo", which they performed masterfully. In fact, they tried to dance something like a tsifteteli.

It is worth noting that the particular excerpt from the reality tv show was uploaded to YouTube and managed to quickly exceed 250,000 views.

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